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Ford Triton Cylinder Wall Geometry

For the best possible cylinder wall geometry, JASPER utilizes Torque Plate Boring and Honing with a torque plate and specially- designed ARP2000® head bolts.

Ford Triton Nitrided Valves
JASPER upgrades 4.6/5.4/6.8 engines with nitrided valves, JASPER designed pistons and, on 3-valve VVT V8 engines, a high-volume oil pump with a higher pressure relief valve spring and updated backing plate to improve durability and operation.
Ford Triton Live Run Testing
JASPER Engines undergo Live-Run Testing using state-of-the-art Data Acquisition to check compression, vacuum and oil pressure to assure reliability.
• 100% torque plate boring and honing with a torque plate and ARP2000® head bolts provide cylinder wall geometry that matches the cylinder head as a complete running assembly, improving ring sealing.

• Cam clearances are maintained through the use of CNC and boring machine to reduce upper-end noise.

• Updated high -volume oil pump with higher pressure relief valve spring and rigid backing plate for improved oil pressure to the VVT on 3-valve V8 applications.
• Verification/Machining of 3-valve VVT solenoid housing for straightness.

• VVT solenoid housing screen undergoes a thorough ultrasonic and pass through wash process to ensure proper oil flow to the actuators (screen not available separately).

• Supplied with 100% NEW latest design camshaft actuator/VVT solenoids.

• Nitrided valve upgrade improves durability and reduces friction.

• MLS (Multi-Layered Steel) head gaskets, better RZ block and head finishes and 100% NEW head bolts ensure superior protection against gasket leakage.

• JASPER piston design provides stronger ring lands and a graphite coating to prevent dry start-up and piston scuffing.

• Moly rings reduce friction for increased durability through reduced cylinder wall wear.

• Spark plug threads are 100% inspected; damaged threads receive TIME-SERTS® to ensure protection against stress and vibration.

• Micro-polished crankshaft for improved, more precise oil tolerances and longer bearing life.

• Live-Run Testing, with Data Acquisition and other assessments for your assurance of reliability includes:

  • Compression, vacuum and oil pressure testing
  • Cam/Crank correlation ensures proper valve timing
  • VVT cam phaser testing on 3-valve applications

3 Year / 100,000 Mile Nationwide
Transferable Warranty

Full warranty disclosure available at or
upon request. Specifications subject to change without notice.
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Ford Triton Engine VVT Housing Screen Cleaning

Ford Triton 3-Valve Oil Pump Update

Ford Triton Torque Plate Boring & Honing

Ford Triton Engines
4.6 / 5.4 / 6.8

Value-Added Quality Improvements from JASPER

Issue / Concern:

Cylinder Blow-By

JASPER Solution:

  • 100% torque plate boring and honing of engine block utilizing a torque plate and specially-designed ARP2000® head bolts.

  • Decreased piston-to-bore tolerances for improved ring sealing.

Oil Pressure Problems, VVT Codes, and Upper-End Noise

  • Cam clearances are held to a tighter JASPER® standard through the use of CNC boring machines.
  • 100% installation of a high volume oil pump, which includes a higher pressure relief valve spring and rigid backing plate for improved oil pressure on 3-valve VVT V8 engines.
  • Verification/machining of 3-valve VVT solenoid housings for straightness.
  • VVT solenoid housing screen undergoes a thorough ultrasonic and pass through wash process to verify proper oil flow to actuators (screen not available separately).
  • 100% NEW installation of the latest design camshaft actuator VVT solenoids (excludes VVT Delete engine option).

Worn VVT Actuators

  • Installation of new or remanufactured cam gear actuators on 3-valve VVT engines.

Head Gasket Failure

  • MLS head gaskets

  • Block and head surfaced to 50-150 RZ

  • 100% new head bolts

  • Piston compression height reduced to maintain O.E. compression ratios

Spark Plug Thread Concerns

  • 100% inspection of all threads.
  • Damaged threads replaced with TIME-SERTS®, which allow for increased thread engagement.

Bearing Failure, Knocking, Holes in Block

  • JASPER oil tolerances are more precise than O.E.
  • Micro-polished crank

Early Models: Restrictive Oil Pipe

  • 100% upgrade of early 4.6 DOHC oil pump and screen to high volume pump and large oil tube screen.

VVT Delete

  • JASPER offers VVT Delete as an option for the 5.4 engine.
  • The VVT Delete engine option will have pre-installed locks in the VVT actuators and also comes with a Livernois programmer.
  • The VVT Delete engine option is 50 state legal for 2004-2010 applications and includes a CARB E.O. sticker. 2011-2014 applications are CARB E.O. PENDING

Note for CNG/LP applications: We install hardened valve seats and Stellite face intake and exhaust valves.

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